Friday, June 11, 2010

My Better Half

August is sneaking up. Time to move is sneaking up.
Between dentist appointments and getting dinged by the government during tax-man season, I wonder how it can be done.  I need more space, this little one bedroom apartment isn't cutting it anymore; an upgrade [and some more room...].  A balcony would be wonderful, along with washer and dryer in-suite and a dishwasher to package it up nicely.  Catch 22; Places this dreamy are hard to come by and most landlords only know about a month prior which make it difficult to plan ahead.
It's coming up that's all I can really say about it.

Summer seems to be here. At least I think. It has rained something terrible the last few weeks (maybe even month now?) and we haven't had our last snowfall all that long ago.  I sat in the sun this evening for a good 3 hours at Coronation Park behind the Telus World of Science with my friend so it may be a sign that the sun is here to stay.

I have no big plans for summer this except for the move.  I am looking forward to my week off at the end of this month.  It shall be the week of apartment shopping. 

My better half and I will be together for 2 years on June 19, 2010.  I can't believe how time has flown between us though.  I remember being really excited for our first date.  It was the first date I've been on in an extremely long time, which was true.. no dates...  for a really long time...  
Anyways, that Friday night, I get off work, head home, do some maintenance on my appearance, and fly out the door to hop the bus.  We had made plans to meet up and check out The Incredible Hulk at West Edmonton Mall.  Some people would say the movie wasn't all that good, and the reason why we choose that movie is because we had a conversation about Edward Norton prior to this date.  Mainly that Fight Club was one of Xavier's favourite movies.  To this day I can't recall whether I liked the movie or like the fact that I was on date with him watching the movie but I liked The Incredible Hulk.  After the movie we went for a Spicy Perogy Pizza at Boston Pizza.  Never had it before but Xavier highly suggested it.  I didn't admit it then but the Spicy Perogy Pizza was indeed spicy, I'd admit it now though..  [I've got over my low tolerance to spicy foods over the last couple years with him.]  It may not sound spectacular but it was.  I had butterflies in my stomach the whole night, and I just nibbled the pizza while I learned just how much of an appetite he really had.  He did most of the talking, I'm sure.  He talked about his Mom and his Sister, as well his family of friends.  The great family of people in his life that love him for who he is and what he stands for.  Just like how I soon learned to do.  He gave me a ride home that night.  I felt lighter than air when I got out of the passenger side of his Malibu.  He gained my respect the first time I met him and it grew into so much more after that night.  

It was also the first night we kissed.  I can't believe how time has flown by. I also can't believe how we have grown over our short past together.  I cannot ask for a better friend or a better man.  He completes me, looks out for me, and loves me.  We talk about our future and look forward to the ups and down with each other.  I can't understand how I was the one so lucky to find my mate.  It's been a rocky two years; filled with times to move on from and times to learn from.  I'm happy and I look forward to spending my life with this man, my better half.  (I love you, baby). 

Peace & love, my friends

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