Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrapped up in life like a candy??

What is it about life? 

It picks you up when you’re at your lowest and yet still manages to kick you while you’re down. It seems like when I’m finally getting my foothold, or managing a firm grasp on the day-to-day living that is my reality, the ground crumbles at the slightest pressure. 

I like to believe that I have my “shit” together as the saying goes.  I have a career, a significant other, and a roof over my head.  However it feels like that’s all I’m fighting to do.  I feel like I’m fighting to maintain & keep these such things that make me a worth-while person. Instead of pursuing that the activities & the places that I actually want to go and do, I’m stuck feinting a fight just to live.  Instead of living I am putting up a farce to live. Doesn’t make sense does it?

I recall a good friend of my saying “Don’t let life wrap up around you”.  

I would like to you to look closely this saying; Humans live life.  They have to.  It’s part of our requirements, actually any organisms’ requirements in order to be a living being. Life is something we all take part in.  We live in life.  We flourish, reproduce, and occupy life.  We are the essence of life.  Here’s the kicker, or the question I’d like to poise to you my fellow homo sapient – If we are the essence of life how can we not but let it wrap up around us?

We are in life right now.  As I spend a slow afternoon at work typing this, I am in fact in life right now.  We co-exist. Therefore I am wrapped up in it.. (("I think therefore I am..."))

I think my beef with life right now is that it keeps going.  Whether or not I’m along for the ride, I am in the ride. I’m 23 years old and am finding that my hugest challenge is there is never enough time. 

Even as I write this I realize I’m out of time.  Maybe I should put this thought on hold; it’s starting to turn ugly in my head. 

Peace & love, my friends

P.S. I am moving once again..  Sigh. 


Amanda said...

very true Kels... the saying comes from a Smashing Pumpkins song - Beautiful. I stand by it at times of chaos and negativity, which is what life to me is more full of then the positive. but at the same time, embracing what we are fourtunate to have and the things that make us happy keeps us going through this daily battle. Believe me friend... I am right here with ya.

Kelk said...

Thanks for your words Amanda...
I too feel as though life is more full of the bad than the good.. At the moment anyway. I like to think I'm usually pretty positive about my outlook on life, however the sinking still occurs from time to time.
All this chaos & negativity in our lives has gotta show for something right? The good is accentuated by the bad, is it not?
I stumbled across this saying that I think may fit:
"No Pressure; No Diamonds" -Thomas Carlyle

At least that's my attempt to remain optimistic.. :P
Thanks again, friend, nice to know I'm not alone.

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