Friday, April 1, 2011

How did I end up here?

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself how did this happen? Why did I ever allow it to get this far and out of control?
Time and time again I felt as though I had made myself clear and my intentions explained but yet it spiraled out of  control.  The grave was dug deeper and the pit became bottomless. This was never suppose to pan out like this but it did.  I guess the concept of you being the maker of your own destiny never really did register, did it? 
A nest and bed was laid by convenient stories and convenient circumstances that all brought us to this. 
We were around to help you out.  We did everything we could. Then one thing came up, then another, and another.  
...Oh What do you know?? ...Something else came up.  
Too convenient, too coincidental which all rounded back to the here and now. 
I saw it coming, I really did but I thought because you were my oldest friend it would work out differently.  I thought you could be different when it came to matters like these, but I feel as though age really means nothing. To you your oldest friend means nothing to you.
Actions speak louder than words ten times over.

Peace & Love, my friends.

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