Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Memory that Makes Me Smile

The year 2012 is almost finished.  I think about how quickly this year has gone by and all that has happened.  I've been engaged for nearly a year now!  Holy crap! 
January 12th, 2013 will be the one year mark since Xavier got down on one knee and popped the question. I thought I would share with the world the events of that night.

The night he proposed we were staying in a condo on Kimberley Alpine Resort.  The 2011/12 winter season was my first full season on a snowboard.  Xavier wanted to take advantage of my enjoyment for snowboarding so we made plans that would get the most out of it as we could. 
My view atop Kimberley Alpine Resort
My view atop Kimberley Alpine Resort

We had made a plan to travel to Fernie, B.C. to enjoy a few days of snowboarding there, then we would venture to Kimberley for a few days and end our trip in Radium Hot Springs B.C..  When we arrived at our accommodations on Kimberley Alpine Resort we realized we didn't want to go any further as the view from the condo we rented was well.. KICK ASS!  
We were able to extend our stay at Kimberley and cancelled our reservations at Radium Hot Springs. 
Our View
Our View!
The third day we were in Kimberley, we spent it mostly in town walking around the little shops which lined their pedestrian only Platzl shopping core.  We stopped in a local café to pick up some coffee grounds as we both love to drink the stuff.  Xavier and I had planned to enjoy a nice dinner that night so Xavier inquired with the lady assisting us where she would suggest.
“Oh definitely the Old Bauernhaus” she replied.
The restaurant was located alongside the road which lead us back up to the ski resort.  We decided this was the place.   

We arrived at the restaurant as it opened around 5:30-6:00 pm.  Turns out this restaurant was rich with history; we’re talking over 350 years of history.  The restaurant was constructed of materials which originally made up a building located in the city of Munich in Bavaria Germany.  The building was used to shelter servants of an apple orchard that was owned by a nearby castle.  After this era the farmhouse was occupied by three different families and finally, in 1987 the building was taken apart while still in Germany.  A couple years later the materials were packed into two containers and shipped to Canada.  With these materials they constructed the Old Bauernhaus restaurant and to this day it still stands. 
This story alone was awe-inspiring then we tried the Schnitzel and let me tell you that topped the cake!  To this day I can tell Xavier starts to salivates at the thought of schnitzel.
After this enjoyable meal we returned “home”.  We were both in the kitchen preparing a couple of drinks.  I turned around and low and behold Xavier is down on one knee.
To tell you the truth, I didn't know what or how it was happening and I don’t even remember what he said except, “Will you marry me?”
I was completely dumbfounded..  Here he was, the man I love, on one knee, holding a beautiful ring in a wooden box, and looking at me with his brown eyes expectantly.  The first thing I could manage to say was, “Are you serious??”
He replied with a smile, “Yes I am.”
I fumbled with my words and responded, “You’re kidding me?  Do my parents know?  Did you ask them?”
To which he replied, “No, I’m not kidding. Yes they know and of course I asked!”
All the while he is on one knee on the kitchen floor and my hands were holding my face.  I felt hot and I knew my face was emanating a vicious red!
I still could not believe my eyes and ears, “You are joking!” 
“No, I’m really not,” He replied while still looking up at me, “… now, what is your answer?” 
At that very moment I realized that I knew what my thoughts were and what my answer was but I still had not thought to express them to him, “Yes!!” 
I saw a slight expression of relief as he knew he could finally get up off the floor.
That is the story of how my better half proposed to me.  Thinking back on that evening, I catch myself smiling. 
The ring!
Now it is the time to start planning the wedding and I know this can be a bit of work.  Thankfully we are starting early and we have time on our side. 

I constantly think about that restaurant we went to that night and the steadfastness it symbolizes.  I can only hope [and know] that the marriage Xavier and I will have will be one with a solid foundation much similar to the staying power of the Old Bauernhaus.  There may be times where we will have to reconstruct and repair our life together but it will be with a ready heart and steadfast love.  

That is all I have time for today. 
Peace & Love, my friends.

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