Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still Trying To See the Good in Myself..

Too many times we focus on the bad and never stop to remember the good.  

For myself, they are days where everything is going right and I would consider as a good day and then something happens... It could be a client that calls in who is upset or a email that throws a wrench into day.  Typically (and depending on how convoluted the issue it) when I walk away from the day I deem it as a bad day.  All because I decided to focus on the bad instead of walking away remembering the thirty good things that happened that day.  

The book which I mention in my previous post has a saying: "Neurons that fire together, wire together".  This leads to a bias thought process. Unfortunately my friends this is my flaw (one of many). This is what I'm trying to improve.

I try to reflect on the good characteristics I have and I keep coming back to doubt.  
For example, I think one of my good characteristics is that I'm hard working, but then I think, I'm really not like that all the time.  
This is the battle I must face.  I am my own worst enemy.  From what I'm told this all part of being human.  We all slip up.

I then think of my other characteristics, like resiliency.  I know for sure this is a characteristic I am well equipped with.  Even if this characteristic isn't present and at the forefront all the time, I know it will kick in when I need it to the most.  
As I reflect on the easier-to-grasp characteristics I let the feelings of worth flood my senses.  I am trying to dwell on the good in myself instead of the bad.  

Just some food for thought.

Peace & Love, my friends

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